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BLACK VELVET FAIRIES -- A new audiodrama written & directed by Jamie Nash

Season one of Black Velvet Fairies is the audio diary of Lucy Verdell, whose grandmother leaves her four black velvet paintings of fairies. But not twinkly, little sprites — these are grim warriors, kings and queens. As she investigates her family’s history with the artwork, disturbing dreams and unexplained encounters pull Lucy toward a dark and dangerous fairy world that some believe is real. The podcast stars Gretchen Lodge (Lovely Molly) as Lucy and Chris Osborn (Exists) as her friend and sound engineer, James.

The creators of Black Velvet Fairies include Mike Monello, Gregg Hale, and Eduardo Sanchez, the minds behind the acclaimed genre-busting horror film The Blair Witch Project. The creative team also includes executive producers Mark Ordesky — executive producer of The Lord of the Rings film trilogy, The Golden Compass, Inkheart, and more — and Jane Fleming (The Quest), as well as Writer/Director Jamie Nash (Altered) and editing and sound design by Jordan Miller (Camp Nightmare).

“We continually seek opportunities to evolve the fantasy genre. Black Velvet Fairies is a creepy, X Files-like rabbit-hole into a new kind of fairy-world. A setting that melds fantasy and the supernatural,” said Executive Producers Mark Ordesky and Jane Fleming.

The Black Velvet Fairies podcast is part of the multi-platform story-world Emerald Anvil, which includes a novel, a board game, and an interactive story-telling NFT activation. Later episodes of the podcast will reveal online evidence and clues about the dangerous fairies Lucy is investigating.


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