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Available Scripts

Here's a sampling of spec scripts I've written that are available to option/purchase. Contact me to read scripts or inquire about for-hire work.


A has-been pickleball champ teams up pairs with a fallen tennis star turned pickleball hustler to take down his ex, the reigning world champ, and her hotshot (and superhot) new partner in the biggest mixed doubles tournament of all time.


A disgraced neuro-surgeon is abducted by a deranged dad who demands that she remove alien implants from his family's brains (using the tools in his basement) before the otherworldy invaders return to stop them.


After his best friend is killed in a suspicious professional wrestling accident, a young F.B.I. Agent goes undercover to catch the killer who is part of an extreme wrestling promotion behind a string of deadly pharmaceutical heists.


Faceoff meets Silence of the Lambs – On the night of his execution, a mystical serial killer switches places with the Female FBI agent that captured him. Now, trapped inside the psychopath's body the agent must escape Death Row and stop him before he murders the one victim that got away.

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