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Jamie optioned his first screenplay in 2004 to Haxan Films . That script then turned into his first produced film, the horror-feature Altered.


It also started a decade-long collaboration with Eduardo Sanchez, co-director of famed found-footage flick The Blair Witch Project.

Since then, Jamie has gone on to write and help produce seven more horror films, ones about bigfoot, aliens, zombies, demons and clownpires (a vampire clown… it’s a thing.)


His horror credits include Exists, V/H/S/2, Lovely Molly, Seventh Moon and The Night Watchmen. He also directed a film for the upcoming A Comedy of Horrors and the web series Paraabnormal.

Jamie's also worked with some of the top fright masters in the business including Blumhouse Entertainment, Rogue Pictures, Sam Raimi's Ghost House Pictures and Lionsgate.

Interestingly, Horror isn’t Jamie’s only genre. He's made a career penning Family fare as well.

Jamie grew up in the 80’s and gorged on classic films like  ETGoonies and Back to the Future. He likes to craft similar stories. Films that blend comedy with adventure & fantasy, which can entertain the whole family.


He recently wrote Santa Hunters for Nickelodeon and co-wrote their movie Tiny Christmas, and a few years before that, Adventures of a Teenage Dragon Slayer, with Lea Thompson and Wendie Malick. Two more family movies -- The Detourist and For Sale By Superhero -- were optioned and developed by Amazon Studios.


When Jamie’s not busy writing spec screenplays and TV pilots, he works as a screenwriting consultant. He recently wrote the bestselling book Save The Cat! Writes for TV. 

He's also written graphic novels, theme park experiences, novels and much more. 

Please Contact Jamie if you need a writer or need help writing your own script or pilot. 

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