STORY/SCREENPLAY COACHING: Logline to Script: I’ll coach you from logline to finished script.

We'll set deadlines for milestones and discuss every step of the way. 

The process consists of five Zoom or phone meetings :

  • Logline/Breaking Story/Brainstorming

  • Outline/Beat-Sheet

  • Outline Second Draft

  • Script pages -- Pg. 1 to Midpoint (Roughly pg. 1-50 in a feature)

  • Full draft script

Each meeting is about 60 minutes.

Cost:  $1000 for a feature film, $900 for a TV Pilot (60 pages or less -- hours and half-hours are the same price).

BEAT-SHEET/OUTLINE REVIEW: I'll analyze your beat-sheet or outline and consult with you via Zoom for up to 1 hour. Beat-sheets should be 6 pages or less (additional fee for longer outlines). Cost: $250

SCRIPT READ/CONSULT: I'll read your script 120 pages or less and consult with you via Zoom for up to 1 hour. Cost: $550 (feature), $450 Hour long, $375 (Half-Hour)

OTHER STORY COACHING: I'm available for brainstorming, logline discussion, and other forms of script and story coaching on a case-by-case basis (hourly $125/hour) basis. If you'd just like to do a call on an idea or to break a story point or figure out where to go next, please email me to discuss scope/cost.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is purely a script consulting service. I will not pass your script or make referrals to agents or managers or producers.