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STORY/SCREENPLAY COACHING: Logline to Script: I’ll coach you from logline to finished script. We'll set deadlines for milestones and discuss your work every step of the way. 

The process consists of four Zoom or phone meetings :

  • Logline/Breaking Story/Brainstorming

  • Outline/Beat-Sheet

  • Outline Second Draft (or first half of script)

  • Full draft script

Each meeting is 60 minutes. Full draft script includes marked-up script and detailed notes (along with Zoom/Call). 

Cost:  $1000 for a feature film, $900 for a TV Pilot (60 pages or less -- hours and half-hours are the same price). I'll review additional script drafts for $150.

BEAT-SHEET/OUTLINE REVIEW: I'll analyze your beat sheet or outline and consult with you via Zoom for up to 1 hour. Beat sheets should be 6 pages or less (additional fee for longer outlines). Cost: $250

SCRIPT READ/CONSULT: I'll read your script 120 pages or less and consult with you via Zoom for up to 1 hour. Cost: $600 (feature), $450 Hour long (70 pages or less), $350 Half-Hour (38 pages or less). If you go over the page limit I charge $10 per page. Re-reads of drafts are half-price.

OTHER STORY/SCREENWRITER COACHING: I'm available for brainstorming, logline discussion, and other forms of script and story coaching on a case-by-case basis (hourly $125/hour) basis. If you'd just like to do a call on an idea or to break a story point or figure out where to go next, please email me to discuss scope/cost.

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“My very first screenplay placed in various competitions and made it to the top list of The Black List. I know that wouldn’t have been possible without Jamie’s coaching. He is my secret weapon on this hero’s journey. His passion for storytelling and wide range of interests makes him not just a great teacher, but also a ton of fun to work with.” – JAYDE ROSSI, actor and screenwriter.


“Jamie is amazing! I’ve worked with him multiple times honing beat sheets and developing treatments from scratch. And they always turn out fantastic! He’s also a blast to work with and will dig deep to home in on where your story needs adjusting. He’s the best in the game.” – KEVIN DEMBINKSKY, award-winning comedy-writer. 


“His insightful notes provided me the ability to conceive and execute a grounded drive for my screenplay imbuing it with depth and authenticity.
With Jamie’s guidance my script evolved into a captivating journey that I’m eager for audiences to experience. Working with Jamie was an invaluable step toward getting my draft ready to bring to the marketplace.” – REBECCA HUGHES, screenwriter (“Studio 666,”
“Cracking Up,” “Grounded For Life”)


“Jamie is an expert on effective storytelling with an innate ability to teach in a manner that is easily understood. His feedback is direct, yet encouraging, and my time with him has definitely made me a better writer. Over the past year I have met with multiple executives who’ve complimented my pilot script for its compelling story and structure—a direct result of the tools and feedback that Jamie provided. My most recent feature script recently made it to the final round of a major screenplay competition and I have Jamie to thank for helping me give my story the depth and nuance that it desperately needed.”- KEN ARQUELIO, pilot script chosen by PGA CREATE program, and represented by CAP Management. 


“I worked with Jamie on a feature-length script. I found his insight and feedback to be extremely helpful. He broke down my script, scene by scene, and talked me through his notes thoroughly. Oftentimes, I’ll get notes from people and feel more confused afterward, but this isn’t the case with Jamie. He keeps the process fun while truly caring about your work and career. I would highly recommend him to anyone and will definitely be working with him again.”  – DIA FRAMPTON, Singer, Actress, Screenwriter. 


“Jamie was my go-to guy for professional feedback when I was writing my first real script. When it was finally ready to start showing people, I entered it into my first-ever screenplay competition, a well-known one at that, and it made it to the semi-finals. If you're writing a screenplay and you have access to Jamie, consider yourself lucky because he will definitely help you get it to where it needs to be.” –TODD RYAN JONES, professional stuntman and actor


"Jamie Nash is a storyteller's therapist. He provides insight into our oversight, clarity to our confusion, and tension to our twists and turns. Talking with Jamie for ten minutes saved me ten hours of rewrites."  - JOSH BOLTON - student of the story and the process.


“A colleague introduced me to Jamie when I was grappling with the challenges of refining a screenplay's structure. Jamie's expertise quickly identified that the story was solid, it just needed a better framework. Participating in Jamie's Save the Cat workshop was a game-changer for me. In just a day, I transformed a mere idea into a captivating logline, and by the workshop's end, my main plot was fully fleshed out. Working with Jamie individually on my scripts has been invaluable, and I'm committed to continuing this fruitful collaboration. His insights are as good as gold.” – VIX LYTTLE, author (“Gut Feeling,” “Third Time Lucky The Honey Trap”) 


“I took the Save the Cat® Breaking Story class for my TV pilot and loved the group collaboration and wisdom Jamie brought to the table with his many years of experience in television writing. I had three TV Pilot ideas with me and during the class, we were able to determine which one was the best option for developing into a show. Sooooo much to learn about writing for TV vs. a feature film, and Jamie provided fantastic insight and perspective. I walked away feeling more confident about my projects.” – ARIAL BURNZ, author(“Midnight Conquest,” “Bonded By Blood”) 

"I took Jamie’s feature writing workshop. He was clear and encouraging. He broke down Save The Cat story structure in a fun and accessible way. I enjoyed the energy of his classroom and he sent us all home with visual aids and resources that I still use for my writing today!" -- Jess Mastro, screenwriter("Roadkill," "Mirror," "Silk")

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