Available Scripts

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Far Far Away


Genre: Sci-Fi Comedy


Galaxy Quest meets Mr. and Mrs. Smith-- When a gang of intergalactic bounty hunters invades her drab townhouse, a bored travel agent discovers her dweeby husband is actually a notorious space pirate who’s been hiding out on earth…and always shoots first.



Genre: Horror


A disgraced female neurosurgeon is kidnapped by a desperate father who claims his family was abducted by aliens and needs mysterious implants removed from their brains.




Genre: Sci-Fi Thriller


A teenage hacker steals a coveted smart phone that can call/text/browse exactly one hour into the future.





Genre: Horror, One-Hour


CSI in a Game of Thrones-esque fantasy setting -- in a fantasy noir world of swords and magic, a fallen hero seeks redemption in a deadly assignment becoming the sheriff (aka The Reeve) of a Casablanca like bordertown teaming with sorcerers and assassins. The Reeve has all the intrigue of Game of Thrones in a contained Deadwood with wizards style setting.



Genre: Family Comedy


Scrooge set at Halloween. After getting trick-or-treating banned on his block, a Halloween Scrooge is visited by three ghosts...very spooky ones.



Genre: Multicam Comedy, Half-Hour


When the doofus best friend in a long-running family sitcom becomes self-aware, he realizes his very existence is ratings dependent. So week after week, he’ll desperately do anything – even murder – to prevent the show from ‘jumping the shark.’

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